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The bicycle safety flag is a 10-18 inch long triangle of colourful Knitted Polyester material that is suspended above the bicycle on a flexible plastic shaft. As the rider rides, the flag waves around, alerting traffic (even if the bicycle is hidden by a car) that there is a biker in the area.

These flags are great for Brand Advertising. Custom bicycle safety flags allow you to personalize your design - our bike flag poles are easily mounted on your bicycle with a rear axle mount that is specially designed to fit nicely on your bike. Made from a flexible fiberglass the bike flag poles are 6' tall to add maximum visibility.

Eclipse Flags now offers durable custom printed bike flags. Your wording or logo is printed on Knitted polyester and mounted on fiberglass poles, and finished off with plated steel mounting brackets. The complete unit is ready to mount to the rear axle of a bike in seconds, and is also adaptable for cycle clubs, dune buggies, golf carts, wheelchairs, promotions, etc.

  Easy to install -  To put your flag on a bicycle:

  • 1. Remove the nut that holds the back wheel in place.
  • 2. Slide the bracket over the exposed bolt & replace the nut.
  • 3. Secure the nut in place tightly to keep bracket upright.
  • 4. Slide whip rod with mounted flag into the bracket.

Our prices can not be beaten, Guaranteed.

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Custom bike flags are made to order and usually delivered in 5 working days.
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Please email all logos in .eps or high resolution .jpeg format 

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All our featherflag poles are superior quality

Don't confuse our aluminium poles or our super strong and flexible solid fibreglass flag-ends (which are the best on the market) with the cheap fibreglass option used by some other suppliers, which crack and easily snap under any sort of strain. These may be a cheaper option, but will last only a day or two, whereas ours are a professional system built to last.
Please Note: All portable flagpoles should be taken down during high gusting winds over 20 mph

All our featherflags are covered by fire certificates

Due to recent health & safety laws all venues (indoor and outdoor) require a British Standards fire retardant safety certificate to comply with BSI safety standards. All of our flags have been laboratory tested and approved by the British Standards Institution. Each completed order will now receive a copy of our fire certificate for issue to venue health and safety officials and thus help ensure compliance. Our flags are made from flame-retardant material and all our printing inks are water-based and solvent free.

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