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Portable Flag Care and Maintenance

Portable  Flag washing instructions Portable Flag cleaning instructions:
  • Machine-washable at 30°C with mild detergents
  • Do not tumble-dry
  • Do not use bleach
  • Can be ironed on a cool setting
Portable   Flag washing instructions

Portable Flag Durability

The dyes used in our manufacturing process are all tested for UV stability. However salty air and long-term exposure to intense direct sunlight can have adverse effects on colour. Air pollution may also cause white areas of your portable flag to become grey over time.

Your portable flag should be taken down in winds exceeding 25mph, even if you are using a permanent fixed base and/or a waterweight. Heavy rain, sleet or snow will increase the weight of the flag which will cause unnecessary wear, and possibly rips, especially in high winds.

You should also ensure that your portable flags are sited so that they are not flapping against any solid objects such as walls or fences in breezy conditions.

Portable  Flag washing instructions

Portable Flag Repair and Replacement

Our Portable Flags are so competitively priced that we do not offer a refurbishment service - it wouldn't be economic for you or us. However, you will usually find that the alterations department of your local dry cleaner will be happy to do small repairs such as mending seams or edgings.

Regular dry-cleaning or 30°C machine washing will keep your portable flag in perfect condition. After laundering, simply re-fitting your flag to the pole and letting it fly should get rid of any creases, but cool ironing is also possible (a big ironing board will help!).

We also suggest you consider taking advantage of our special multiple-unit offers to purchase spare portable flags at the time of order. Not only does this reduce your unit cost, it allows you to rotate your flags when the time comes for a regular cleaning. This keeps your corporate image in pristine view to the public at all times and gives the maximum impact to your advertising message!

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All our featherflag poles are superior quality

Don't confuse our aluminium poles or our super strong and flexible solid fibreglass flag-ends (which are the best on the market) with the cheap fibreglass option used by some other suppliers, which crack and easily snap under any sort of strain. These may be a cheaper option, but will last only a day or two, whereas ours are a professional system built to last.
Please Note: All portable flagpoles should be taken down during high gusting winds over 20 mph

All our featherflags are covered by fire certificates

Due to recent health & safety laws all venues (indoor and outdoor) require a British Standards fire retardant safety certificate to comply with BSI safety standards. All of our flags have been laboratory tested and approved by the British Standards Institution. Each completed order will now receive a copy of our fire certificate for issue to venue health and safety officials and thus help ensure compliance. Our flags are made from flame-retardant material and all our printing inks are water-based and solvent free.

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