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Forecourt Flag Sizes and Specifications
Size diagrams of forecourt flags

The Forecourt Flag Professional Package comes as a ready-to-use kit with everything you need - the superior flagpole and boom arm, your custom-printed flag and a specially-designed drive-on base. The pole is high-tensile aluminium, for strength, flexibility and lightness, and quickly breaks down into sections for easy transport and installation. It also includes a bottom weight to keep the flag straight and your message fully visible. Your forecourt flag design is printed using a water-based ink system for better hang and display (it's also a bit better for the environment).

Our bespoke digital printing method means that our forecourt flags are produced to the highest standards of eye catching colour matched quality using a modern water based (not solvent) direct to fabric process.

Our quality systems and level of customer support are of the highest standard. By taking time to listen to customer comment and constantly monitoring our products, we ensure they not only meet your expectations but exceed them !

Above diagram shows the different size ranges to scale against an average-height person of 5'9".See pictures of component details below

Size diagrams of forecourt flagsSize diagrams of forecourt flagsclick here to download the forecourt flag template Download scale forecourt flag template download forecourt flag template (not for finished artwork)
Left: Complete telescopic pole and base assembly (collapsed). Above: Boom arms
Bottom left: Cross-section of flagpole and boom arm. Bottom centre: Flag weight detail. Bottom right: Car base detail.
Size diagrams of forecourt flags Size diagrams of forecourt flags Size diagrams of forecourt flags
We have a full range of flag styles

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All our featherflag poles are superior quality

Don't confuse our aluminium poles or our super strong and flexible solid fibreglass flag-ends (which are the best on the market) with the cheap fibreglass option used by some other suppliers, which crack and easily snap under any sort of strain. These may be a cheaper option, but will last only a day or two, whereas ours are a professional system built to last.
Please Note: All portable flagpoles should be taken down during high gusting winds over 20 mph

All our featherflags are covered by fire certificates

Due to recent health & safety laws all venues (indoor and outdoor) require a British Standards fire retardant safety certificate to comply with BSI safety standards. All of our flags have been laboratory tested and approved by the British Standards Institution. Each completed order will now receive a copy of our fire certificate for issue to venue health and safety officials and thus help ensure compliance. Our flags are made from flame-retardant material and all our printing inks are water-based and solvent free.

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